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” In addition to governments and non-governmental organizations laymen and women too are taking forward steps to change environmental and development narratives…”¬†


The most common problem across South Asia is underdevelopment due to various socio political reasons. With the rapid growth of urbanization and industrialization in this region the threat to natural environment is rapidly increasing.  Whether on the high Himalayas where the threat of glacier lake outburst is growing or be it on the island countries of Sri Lanka and Maldives where the risk of cyclones and hurricane is more persistent, the entire region is facing similar problems. With the steady increase in urban population, the number of urban poor is burgeoning as well. The ground-level water has declined tremendously in all the major cities across South Asia and the pollution levels have crossed all sustainable limits.

At this critical junction, government intervention can play a vital role in controlling these threats to environment. But political instability which prevails in most of the countries and the governments seem more concerned with providing the basic needs to citizens and addressing the issue of economic growth. It seems they have little time to think of the environmental impacts caused by this same rapid economic growth.

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Kishor Rimal

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